This Is Amazing

Not coffee, the vid that’s linked down below.


The music on the vid is great, too.  This is what we are destroying, humans.  It’s their planet, too.

Before the link, a note on the health front. Saw the surgeon yesterday, one more knee checkup in six months, and I’m done.  I’ve done remarkabley well, it seems.  We talked about the torn rotator cuff, too, and I asked what would happen if I opted not to have surgery.  Not a problem, he says, I’ll give you a cortisone shot and you can go to physical therapy and we’ll see how you do.  I’ve never dealt with a surgeon who didn’t just want to cut.  I am so pleased I found this guy.  He’s very nice and friendly and explains the risks and his percentage of bad outcomes, which according to him is very, very low, and I believe him based on my own experience with him.  All those years of crap doctors and I’ve finally worn the lottery, health-carely speaking.  Great dentist, great Primary, great surgeon, great PA at the rheumatologist’s. The Rheumy gets a good, which is still better than what things have been like before.  Okay, I’m done, here’s the vid:


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