Gorgeous Day

The sun is now so low that the trees across the street are in the shadow of my building.  It’s 10:15, so pretty late in the day for that.  First day I’ve noticed it this season.  My windows face a little East of North, it seems.

I am much clearer-headed since going off the Trazadone, but not sleeping as well.  Trade-off is the name of the game with meds.  And life.  Hoping to be a little more in control of myself, as well.  Buying everything in sight, although I must admit that almost everything I’ve bought has been because it is replacing something so old as to be practically disintegrating.  Some things are because I really need to get on board with needing easier ways and less ‘remember this or that’ in my daily life.  So I bought an electric kettle, for one thing, and am asking myself why I hadn’t done it ages ago.  Been thinking about it for a couple of years.  What a difference.  It heats the water so fast that by the time I’ve got the filter rinsed and in the cup and the coffee in the filter, it’s almost ready, and as soon as it comes to the boil, it shuts itself off.  No more nearly burning out the kettle, as I did once.  Totally forgot, and it boiled dry and oops.  I now have a whistling one, but sometimes the spout cover gets locked in the up position and I don’t always notice.  Morning is not my best time of day.  So no more worries.  It’s stainless steel, too.  I like stainless steel.  No weird tastes in things.

I also bought one of those juicing things that Martha uses:



I have a small one, but it’s barely big enough for a large lime.  It is so easy to use, though.  I was amazed at how little pressure it takes to squeeze all the juice out of something.  I love it.  Also stainless steel.  No getting groady like aluminum does.

Don’t lemons always cheer you up?  They do me.  I love yellow, because it’s sunshine and joy and happy.  ‘Happy, happy, joy, joy, happy, happy, joy.’  That’s from a jingle for something I forget.  LOL

It has occurred to me this morning, while reading blogs, that I cannot see or hear the word ‘risotto’ without , “Oh, risotto, risotto, risotto” and David Tennant running across my mind.  Here’s why:

I’m sorry, but it just cracks me up every single time.

So overall, I am feeling much better than I have been.  If I could only get this mess taken care of, life would be much better and simpler.  Clutter really messes with your mind, and I have been physcially unable to deal with for so long, that I have become mentally unable to deal with it.  Help!  Someone!  Anyone???  Right now, part of it is some boxes that I am hoping to use to get rid of it.  You can’t deal with clutter without first having more clutter, it seems.

Hope my readers, (I know you’re out there) are having a wonderful autumn day (or spring. I have a reader in Tasmania which makes me very happy for some weird reason.).  It’s a good one here in New England.


6 thoughts on “Gorgeous Day

  1. There is no distance on the internet! Well, time-wise maybe. Sunny here today. We had a horrible windy day yesterday, not hurricane though, so have to be happy about that. Weather turned shocking as soon as I planted my tomato seedlings. I’ll have to go out and check if they’re still there or whether they’ve blown away, plastic wind protector and all. Might have been a bit optimistic.

      • Amazingly, they’re still there and even seem to have grown! So I’m going to be really ambitious and put out the sunflower seedlings and the basil. Just have to work out a way to stop those sunflowers from getting blown over.

        • It’s spring there. It’s spring there. I was thinking, ‘why are you planting these things now?’ It’s spring there. You don’t just plant the sunflower seeds right out in the garden? They grow so quickly and easily. I’ve had amazingly huge and tall plants just from what fell out of the bird feeder. 🙂 Maybe you could rig up a little string fence or something to weave them through so they don’t blow over. ??? How’s the house coming, btw?

          • I will plant some sunflowers straight in the ground, too. Sometimes we get early cold weather, so it’s always good to start a few off early. The house. Well, we finally have planning approval. I’m going to write another blog post when I get off my lazy bum. Have another part-time job, so time seems to get away, but at least there’s a little more money rolling in.

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