The Horror, The Horror


Oh, god, just shoot me now.

I was reading something about Denzel Washington and followed a link that said he spoke out against something to do with Obama.  So I read it, and it was just him talking about being religious, and I’m looking for Obama even being mentioned, when I discovered, to my complete horror, that I was on a Drumpf news site, which I did not even know existed.  In a small text bit, it said that Obama shows a strong anti-Christian bias (sorry, big fat lie), which is when I noticed it was the Drumpf page.  Morning, well, afternoon now, brain fog is not a good thing.

I really think we are screwed, people.  To think that the opportunity to have the first female President is likely to be lost to a racist, mysogynistic, homophobic, zenophobic, moronic orange gas-bag is too terrible to contemplate, and yet it seems to be a distinct possibility.

I saw a man being interviewed by some comedy program, and he thinks Hillary has AIDS because Bill has AIDS from fooling around with Magic Johnson, and someone was also upset that Obama was off vacationing or something during 9-11 instead of doing his job as President.  The unfathomable amount of ignorance exhibited by some of these people is just mind-blowing.  Is our education system really this bad?  How can people be this uninformed and just plain stupid?

I truly have lost hope, although I have’t given up urging people to vote, and to vote for Hillary, because any other vote will ensure Trump gets in.  Vote-splitting has given us Bush, among other horrors. Republicans just vote for their party’s  candidate, while we more ‘enlightened’ liberals tend to vote for people like Ralph Nader, which would be fine, except then the majority vote goes to the Republican and we screw ourselves royally.  Maybe we’re not so smart, either.  I need to go put a blanket over my head now.

Here’s how to register, in case you haven’t yet:

Register to Vote

Here’s the last date to register in your state:

Last Date To Register by State

Please vote.  It matters that you  vote.  It matters who you vote for.  It matters.  Just to try for a bit of humor, because otherwise I may have to cry, if Trump gets in, it will be ‘the end of the world as we know it-REM’ and if you saw Torchwood, you’ll know that ‘the 21st century is when everything changes’ and Trump as President will not be a good change for any of us. Please vote Hillary.  Even if you hate her, consider the alternative.  Please.


2 thoughts on “The Horror, The Horror

  1. I’ll bet there is. People are predicting orange gas-bag man will win. It doesn’t bear thinking about. How did we come to this? I am just truly stunned by my countrymen. What is wrong with people? I just literally want the mother ship to come and take me away.

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