happy dance catAfter a discussion with the rheumatologist’s nurse today, in which I pretty much said, “Yes, I am in fucking pain you twats.  DO something.”  the doctor has magnanimously decided to up my Prednisone to 10 mg for a week, then 7.5 for a week, then back to the 5 mg that made me a functioning human being again.  Hope it gets me back to where I was, but it seems to take longer every time they do this to me.  But this is the first time they’ve increased it beyond the five and then gone from there, so I am hopeful and excited at the thought of maybe being pain-free again.  I am ALWAYS in pain.  All day every day, and sometimes it wakes me up at night as well.  That brief respite was like being in heaven and I want it back, damn it.

My friend Tess and I went to Market Basket and I bought actual ‘yes, you can heat and eat and it’s real food’ food, unlike the drek you get in the regular grocery store, like frozen dinners that aren’t made of actual food.  I’m not sure what they use, but the whole ‘keeping the calorie count down’ craze means that real food can’t happen.   Anyway, I’m having pork pie for dinner.  I used to make pork pie, but haven’t had it in ages, and you can just buy it to heat up in the toaster oven.  How great is that?

And a brief aside, could somebody please come and make this for me?

chile rellenoschili rellenos.  I love chili rellenos.

The reason I ask is this:cooking

That’s all for today, dear readers.  Thanks for reading.  I know you’re out there.  My stats show it.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Oh

  1. Never had Chili rellenos. What are they? Being able to buy real food that’s already made sure is great. And there are things, like lasagna, or curry, that don’t suffer by being cooked and the reheated, they might even be nicer. A nice pie is great, what a shame it’s too often used to disguise all sorts of yucky things.

    • They are roasted poblano chilis, stuffed with Longhorn cheese, dipped in batter and fried in oil. Serve with salsa or enchilada sauce. So good.
      Real food is good food, generally. I cooked a lot before I got this stupid illness, and like to try different things all the time. I think my kids wanted one of those moms that made the same blah things all the time, but they got me instead.

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