I Cannot Catch a Break

not a challenge

Why? So last Friday,my homemaker had a dentist appointment, which worked out well, because so did I. We both know, so all is well, right? Not. She didn’t mention it to her work, and neither did I, because I’ve always just worked things out with Traci before. Traci worked for a different agency, though. This one is more pro-active. Well, not really but I’ll explain. They called me Friday to see if I wanted a fill-in. I wasn’t home. I was at the dentist, lunch, Benny’s, getting an ice cream, going for a ride. A good day over all, thanks to my friend Tess, without whom I’d never get to go anywhere. So I’m not home. They call Bristol Elder, they call my friend Beth in Westport, my DD in Billerica, and then Bristol Elder called the cops. No one called my friend Tess, who is supposed to be my contact, but she was out with me so it wouldn’t have mattered if they did. Anyway, we get home a bit before five, and I am just listening to my messages, when the buzzer does a long buzz. Usually that’s actually for me, rather than someone just wanting in. That’s always a short buzz. So we buzz them in, open the door, and it’s a policeman. You Jean? Yep. You look all right to me. Speaks into his radio and leaves. Beth calls me, Kris calls me. Oh, the excitment. LOL

Today I called the agency to talk about this, which I thought was overkill on their part, but on the other hand it’s nice someone is looking out for you. I thought. In the course of the conversation, she happens to mention that my homemaker is not coming this week. (She didn’t come last week either, they sent a fill-in late in the day once who took out trash and did a quick shop), and nobody bothered to tell me, and they don’t have a fill-in. So pro-active in the freak-out department, not so much in the getting someone here to do the work I need them to do. Duh!

Called my caseworker, who is never actually in the office, left a message, but she never got back to me. Needing assistance is an uphill battle, and every agency keeps getting their funding cut by our lovely Republican shits, so there is less and less help in the first place.

On the other hand, and there is always another hand it seems, it is a gorgous, lovely, cool, breezy, excellent summer day. And it rained last night. What’s not tolove about New England on days like this?

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