images2.duckduckgo.comBeen hot and icky for a few days, but better now.  Lovely warm and not too humid weather.  Of course, I am stuck here inside.  Yet again I have let the Rheumatologist mess with my meds, only to be put right back into major pain all the time, and a very low level of function.  I keep falling asleep all the time, too.  After a month of getting worse by the day, I called the pharmacist, not the doctor.  She said I should be leveling out, not getting worse, and staying on 5mg is better than having no life.  Those weren’t her exact words, but the general idea.  So I’ve been back on 5 mg for three days,  and I think, athough it may be just wishful thinking, I think I am a bit better.  Let me tell you, Tylenol is useless for pain.  I think it works for headaches. Period.  I don’t really get headaches, so not enough experience with it to be sure.  And it’s all I can take while I’m taking the anti-inflammatory.  The two together, 5mg Prednisone, and the anti-inflammatory, had me almost a real person there for a bit.  Didn’t need any pain meds at all for several days.  Then ‘You must cut back’, and here I am.  Frustration.  “Never give up.  Never surrender” Jason Nesmith, Galaxy Quest.  I am not a quitter, but I am definitely fed up. I want my life back, please.

Signed up for Audible Free Trial.  Got two free books, and bought two more cheapos.  Sent me a link.  Opened link on phone, got virus.  Turned off Now on Tap and skipped to a Comcast ad every page.  Got rid of virus, she says hopefully.  Only one book shows up on phone.  Had to call Audible when the virus struck, and while they did not mention that it was a virus (Googled it, that’s how I found out), they said to use the Play Store link.  Couldn’t have said that in the first place, instead of wonky email link?  Now I have to call again to find out where the heck my books are.  Sheesh!  Does nothing ever just work?  Stupid question.

Then there’s my new homemaker, who only shows up once a week instead of twice.  There’s always a different reason, but still.  And when she does show up, she is not really interested in doing her job well at all.  She vacuumed around a laundry basket that I had inadvertently left by the bed.  Pick up, vacuum, put back?  You don’t even have to put it where it belongs, but no.  Vacuum around it.  It was obvious on the rug.  Didn’t come at all this week, and they had to send a fill-in to take out the trash and do some shopping, no housework or anything.  Poor lady had been on a special job all day and agreed to come after 4pm.  She was really nice, but not local, so I can’t ask for her.  More frustration.

I just should have given in and called this The Whiny Post.  Pain does that. Makes everything seem ten times worse that it is.  But that’s living with chronic, debilitating illness, and that’s what this blog was meant to be about, although sticking to the subject is not one of my talents, obviously.

It is a beautiful, beautiful summer day, and there’s nothing to complain about in that respect.  You can tell that the light has changed, the days are much shorter, autumn is slowly making it’s way in.  I love autumn.  It’s my favorite season.  Guess that’s it.  Later, readers.

This is not my garden, sad to say.images.duckduckgo.com





5 thoughts on “Mid-August

  1. Darn. Hope things are a little better and you can maybe get out and enjoy a little of that nice weather. I’m still getting over the pneumonia I had a few weeks ago. Just tired. Urgh. And so much stuff to do! Nice garden, even if it’s not yours, or mine 🙂

    • It is gorgeous, gorgeous weather today, and I’m still in. Don’t know why doctors won’t give you pain meds that work. Oh, wait, yes I do. It’s because the ‘war on drugs’ is the ‘war on people in pain’, but our puritanical government (the nicest word I could come up with for the assholes) want us all to just die off so there won’t be any more hassle about them keeping everything for themselves. Oh, bit peeved here. Pain does that. LOL

      Never had pneumonia, hope I never do. DD did, more than once. I have heard that once you get it, it’s easier to get it again, so take care of yourself. Please.

      • Well, there are some advantages to having a doc for a husband. I’m pretty sure I’d got to a stage where I was so sick that I would have just stayed on the sofa. Usually there’s no sympathy, so when he does rush around getting stuff and doing things I get pretty worried, haha! BTW he feels the same way you do about pain meds, if it works for people and improves their quality of life, then that’s what’s relevant, not some dumb idea of ‘bad’ and ‘good’ drugs. Especially of people are then able to get out, have fresh air and exercise, which is good for them in itself.

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