The Friday Five, Again


1. What’s your favorite way to stay cool in late summer?


2. Are you ready for autumn yet?

Been ready since the first hot and sticky day.

3. What do you have left to do before summer ends?

Stay cool.

4. Has it been a good summer for you?

Except for the meds fiasco,  yes, especially June, which was a glorious month, weather-wise.  If summer could be like that all the time, I would be a happy, happy woman.

5. Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

Good grief, no.  It’s summer.  Besides, I don’t really have anyone to shop for.

2 thoughts on “The Friday Five, Again

  1. It’s good that you had a decent June – ours was pretty darn hot… just like July and August and probably Setpember, too

    • Hello, Anonymous! It’s not been a bad summer at all here in New England. One year I had the air-conditioner on in May. Not my idea of god weather, although some people love it. Crazy people. Sorry yours is so hot. Your summer, that is.

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