Fall Has Fell

You know, like ‘Spring Has Sprung’.  🙂

First yellow leaf of the year.  The snowflake is one of several my Traci gave me last winter.  I like snowflakes, snowmen, and snow.  Yes.   Yes I do.  Edit:  Forgot. It looks weird because it was taken through the window screen.First Color 080716

2 thoughts on “Fall Has Fell

  1. Great, now that will be in my head every fall now. 😉

    Except here, it hasn’t happened. It’d FINALLY cooler and there’s been rain, but the leaves are still hanging on. 🙂

  2. Remember in Colorado when the grass would be brown by August? It’s like that here this year. Bad drought. I think that’s why leaves are looking pretty hurting on some of the trees, but that one tree looks pretty good, except yellow leaf. And Tess saw a second one on it yesterday. I love Autumn.

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