It Is June, Right?

Except for one hot and sticky day, it has been very, very cool. Heavy shirt, sweater, heavier blanket cool. The wind has been from the North or Northwest nearly every day, and blowing quite strongly a lot of those days. This is like summer heaven. Hot tea and blankets in June. I am loving it. I love my Wunderground weather app, btw.


Been doing pretty well. Went out yesterday and sat on my fav bench. Took some pictures of the clouds, which were very interesting, I thought. Then today, I went across to the park where they were having Strawberry Festival Day. One booth had strawberries. Oh, well. But I talked to some interesting people, bought some hot sauce (yum), saw some cute one and two-month old chickens, and got a couple of informational flyers. Short outing, but fun.

Mare’s tails predict storms. Seems they were pretty accurate, since it is raining right now. I thought it was interesting that they were in different directions, and that one is curved, like it changed it’s mind mid trip or something. Sky was really pretty. They finished the road work that has been going on all night every night for the past three nights. I think they did not want to work last night, so finished up yesterday morning. All done by the time I went out. They were trying to not impact the downtown businesses too much, also. Said businesses took a major hit during and after the fire we had a couple years ago. See posts from January 2014.

Back home trying to create an Amazon order. What is with the stupid Pantry Box? I just want to order some Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste, not create a Pantry Box. What the heck? Emailed them about it, so will see what they have to say.

Ordered from the new Chinese Restaurant yesterday. Why can’t you get decent Chinese food in New England? It’s all the same bland, sweet and sticky sauce, boring food. I read a lot of fan fiction by Brits, and they get all sorts of Chinese food I’ve never even heard of, let alone seen on a menu. It is very different from the Chinese food we got in Colorado, too. No sweet, sticky, pink sauce and breaded chicken fingers there, but real sweet and sour chicken, with veg and sweet/tangy NOT PINK sauce. Why can’t I get that here? I can make it myself, but cooking and I have some issues.

New homemaker seems to be working out, although she did not come yesterday. Apparently she had an appointment in Worcester (might have mentioned it) and her work kept calling to tell me she was going to be late, then it seemed she wouldn’t arrive til 5pm or so, so I just said to forget it. And why call her work and have them call me? Seems very inefficient. I would rather speak directly to her and figure things out without an intermediary. But it’s a new agency, and there will be adjustments. I can deal.

Here are the pictures I took yesterday. It is cool, gray, and raining this afternoon. Probably rained out the end of the Strawberry Festival. Glad I went this morning.








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