Well, Hello World!

4977991Having a really good day. Especially after yesterday. Oh, crap. Luscious smell of meat on the grill just came wafting through my window. So not fair. Anyway, emailed DD yesterday to see if she could some down sometime and lend a hand. Emailed right back, “On my way”. Oh, I am so keeping her. She did what needed doing, and we even rearranged the living room a tiny bit to make it more convenient for me. Late yesterday, my caseworker called to say she found an agency, and they called today to set up days and times which are excellent for me, it turns out. New person starts Friday. Meanwhile, today, I am messing about on laptop, and trying to read some things on here, but keep jumping up to tweak something here or something there. Move a lamp, clean out Gertrude’s toy box, here, there, everywhere like a butterfly flitting about. Have to sit down in between each thing, but it’s been awhile since flitting was even on, and I am really enjoying it. Yesterday-crap day with anger and feeling abandoned, today-great day with Getting Things Done. It’s all good, people. It’s all good.

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