Not Happy

At all. Just found out that the agency that sends me a homemaker has stopped carrying me as a client, since Traci left. Never mentioned it when we were discussing the new person’s days and hours. Never hinted that there wasn’t going to be a new person. Apparently, my caseworker from the overseeing agency was supposed to call and tell me this last week, but my caseworker is, well, no one called if that tells you anything. Meanwhile, I have trash to go out, I need groceries, etc. Well, that’s just my tough luck, I guess. Called my caseworker, but of course only got voicemail. I indicated that I am not happy, but I doubt that counts for anything. They say a measure of a society is how well it treats it’s neediest members. Ours is sadly lacking, and generally treats the poor, the ill, the least fortunate, as people who need to be punished for not being rich, or something. I’m just really, really angry, and feel like I really don’t matter if you can’t even be bothered to mention to me something that is really very important to my being able to get by.

3 thoughts on “Not Happy

  1. My usually lame caseworker found me a new agency and today they called and set up really great (for me) days and times with a new person, and I did not lose any hours. So I am well pleased. She starts Friday. Turns out the agency was supposed to tell me they quit me, and my caseworker was just supposed to find a new agency. I did complain to both places about the agency. Really poor client care from the office respect.

    My youngest DD answered the call for help yesterday and drove down as soon as I emailed her to vacuum, take out the ton of trash (I am not really able to carry things), and we even managed to do a small bit of rearranging in the living room, which made things more convenient for me. Again, I am well pleased. She is a good kid Yes, that’s your sister I’m talking about DD1. Steps up when I need her. I’m impressed. 🙂

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