Things I did today while waiting for Backblaze downloads to download:

Cleaned out and organized neatly my messy, messy desk drawer, the one where everything I don’t know where to put goes.

Did some top-of-desk arranging.

Cleaned out and sorted my tool bin in bathroom. You know, screwdrivers, nails, screws, hooks, old tools I’m never going to use in a million years that were my husband’s that he left when he left twenty years ago. I still have these because?

Rearranged some things in the linen closet for easier access.

Cut apart an old calendar and hung the pictures I like. Rearranged the wall above my desk at the same time.

Made a toasted cheese sandwich.

Refilled the wet wipes container in the bathroom.

Yesterday, while waiting for some backblaze downloads to download:

I sorted and rearranged my meds container and figured out which pain meds to take which days, depending on if I actually want to have less pain or not, like if I’m going somewhere or Traci or Tess is coming over. Ibuprofen for those days, and if I want to sleep the night before, although that’s not guaranteed. Nothing else ever works, Tylenol, Extra Strength Excedrin, Aleve, even the vicodin I have left from the dentist doesn’t work all that well. Anyway, because I take a lot of pain meds, and they don’t want me to just take the one what works too often, I try to alternate. Thanks, modern medicine, for not finding a pain reliever that works without somehow killing you behind the scenes.

Did more desk stuff yesterday, too, and did some decluttering in the bedroom.

Yesterday I was having a lot of pain, but still got stuff done. Last night I could not sleep, so just gave up and got up at 3am and did more downloads and stuff. Crashed on the couch, (Literally. Eyes would not stay open) from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Was in a total fog with a headache for a couple of hours, and then started doing one little thing, and the next thing you know, I was on a roll, getting stuff done. I do my best work when I can’t find something, like in a drawer or cupboard, and the next thing you know I’ve completely rearranged the entire kitchen. Well, I used to, now it’s on a much smaller scale of getting things done. But if feels so good just to be able to do one little thing, let alone a lot of little things.

I think I will treat myself to a lobster roll and a caprese salad from Papa Gino’s, because I’m worth it. Or it sounds really good and I”m hungry. Whatever.

Went to order Papa Gino’s online and couldn’t find the caprese salad. Noooo. That’s the best massively over-priced salad ever. So did a phone order instead to make sure they still have it and they do. So why isn’t it on the menu online? Don’t scare me like that, Papa.keep-calm-and-get-stuff-done-3

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  1. I need a day like that, of getting lots of stuff done. I have to do a lot of sorting and tarting up the house we’re in now to get it ready for sale, but it’s just not fun, so I keep putting it off. That salad sounds good. We have a little pizza place down the road, that’s where we tend to head off to when we can’t be bothered cooking. They have nice fish, too, not just battered and fried but also baked in foil in the pizza oven. Yum.

    • Fish and chips? I love fish and chips, but don’t get to have it very often. Nobody who delivers does it very well. Baked in the hot oven in foil sounds like it would be pretty good, too. The salad is just iceberg lettuce, with slices of fresh mozzarella and tomato, fresh basil, and balsamic vinaigrette. Comes with crostini, also known as ‘this is not even close to being as good as garlic bread’. It’s expensive for what you get, mostly lettuce, which iceberg has no nutritional value anyway, but it is soooo good. LOL I like caprese salad. It really shouldn’t have lettuce. I’ve made it with mango slices instead of tomato, too. Yum

      It’s very rewarding, getting things done, even if most of it is jobs you can do while sitting at the desk. I like organizing, and am always happy when my brain and body are both working at the same time so I can do it.

      A friend of mine had someone, a house stylist or some weird thing, come in and she rearranged the furniture and lots of other things to make it more attractive to buyers. It really did look great, too. She did things my friend and I would never had thought of. Even my friend’s husband was impressed. LOL Don’t know what it cost, or if you have people like that where you are, but she believed they got a better price because of it.

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