Oh, My

First, a few leaves are yellow on one of the trees across the street They were not yellow yesterday. Autumn has begun. Also, it is raining. Woo Hoo!!

Second, I cooked. I made the best chicken I’ve ever had. I had to use the thighs from the freezer, bone-in and with skins, the last anything that isn’t coffee or cheese or flour in there, since it is on its last legs and then what? Landlord no longer required to provide frig, so it’s on me???

Anyway, chicken. Wipe iron skillet with oil, heat on medium, add thighs skin side down, brown well for about twelve minutes, rearranging to make sure all it all gets to the middle of the pan. I cheated and browned the second side a bit, too. I did turn it down to between medium and medium low when it started to spatter. If you have one of those spatter-screens, use it. Oh, salt and pepper liberally, especially pepper. I like pepper. Meanwhile, heat oven to 475. Add pan with skin side down chicken, cook 12 minutes. Flip, cook 5 minutes to 165. Drain on paper towels. Eat the skin if you’re brave, cause it’s really, really good and most of the fat has rendered. Oh, yum is it good chicken. Juicy, tasty, perfect. Salt and pepper. That’s it.

Delicious chicken and rain, rain, rain. It’s a good day.

If you don’t know how to care for an iron skillet, it’s really easy. Wipe it with oil (I’m using sunflower cause it’s what I have) or pour some in, depending on what you’re cooking. Cool it down when done, wash it with paper towels and hot water and maybe a green scrubber thingy if you really have to. Or salt. Salt scrubs it out well. Don’t soak it, and don’t use soap. Set it on burner on medium to dry, and when it is, pour in a bit of oil and rub the entire insides with a paper towel to spread the oil all over. Cool, wipe again. Stick in oven or where ever you keep a thousand pound skillet. Those things are heavy.

This picture is totally irrelevant, just so you know, however, it makes me smile.

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