Another Update

Remember on Monday when I said the modem was not working, but I fixed it?
Yesterday. The modem was not working. I did the reset, and the unplug, seven times each during the day. It would say it’s connected but nothing would connect. I could read one email, but not two, on and on all day long. It would be connected, then unconnected or limited connection randomly without me touching anything. I am trying to sync some dropbox stuff and it is taking years because of this, and so I did not turn off either the pc or the laptop. Last night, since nothing was connecting or working, well, tv works. Yay. I don’t watch tv as a general rule, but I decided to watch Netflix on my roku which connects to the tv. Roku was connected, but nothing worked. Unplugged everything except the pc and the modem and the laptop. Same old same old. Did not shoot self, only because I do not own a gun. Same with sledgehammer to skull. Don’t actually have a sledgehammer. Drat! Finally turned off the pc. Laptop worked perfectly. No connection issues at all. PC is working perfectly today except for restarting itself once. Was it the Perseids? They were shooting by unbeknownst to me and screwing with my electronics? I believe the peak was last night, which of course I couldn’t see because Tedeschi’s thinks that light pollution is a requirement, or something. They NEVER turn off their bright lights. You’re closed people. Turn the damn lights off, please! Since I am probably 50 feet from them, it is never dark in here, even with the curtains closed. Anyway. WTF was the week from electronics hell about? I haven’t tried the Nexus, or the Roku or even the laptop today, but I am (kind of, sort of, maybe???) hopeful. Could not find a decent scrambled egg brain image, but I did find this. I apologize. scrambled That is so unbelievably disgusting, there are no words. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Another Update

  1. Pork brains???? Urgh. In milk gravy. Did you see that part? Mad pig disease, here we come. I didn’t think that was even allowed, please tell me someone made that up.

    I had similar problems a while ago. Turns out it was something in the local phone exchange. After 6 months of trying to fix it, they plugged me into something else and everything’s worked since then. Not sure why it had to take 6 months.

  2. It’s a real ad, as far as I could tell. They eat weird things in the southern states.
    My friend was getting her printer fixed at a local store and the clerk told her weird things have been going on this week. So maybe it’s not just me. LOL

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