Today’s Update

First, stupid computer is stupid. It can’t even update itself, and keeps ‘failing’ or freezing in the middle. It is so going in the closet when the laptop gets here. Where is it, btw? It’s supposed to get here today. I want it now!

customer serviceUPS came to pick up the phone I am returning. Half an hour later I remembered that I had not removed the sim card. Yes, I am an idiot, but hey, I’ve had a stressful week, people. Anyway, called my carrier, got someone not exactly fluent in English, spent some time, got transferred to someone with a southern accent. Spent an hour and 3/4 having the best and funniest conversation with her, talking about life and jerk husbands and my old job, and everything under the sun. It was so much fun. And I’m getting a new sim card that will fit any phone and the old one is cancelled. Yay.

Also, it is raining. Could this day BE any better? Thank you, Chandler Bing. LOL

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