The Phone

imagesChatted with Motorola, can’t be fixed only exchanged, for a fee. Computer shut itself off in the middle, but miracle of miracles, I was able to reconnect where I left off with the same person.

Chatted with Amazon, they are sending UPS to pick up the phone for a refund, so there, Motorola. I love Amazon. They have never once failed me, even when an order was stolen from the lobby thank you FedEx.

So no lovely new phone.

And did I mention that something bit me several times while I was sleeping? This is the third August in a row that something has bitten me while I was sleeping on the sofa. Just the one incident, but every year. And you thought life isn’t weird. HA!

2 thoughts on “The Phone

  1. I don’t think bedbugs would limit themselves to biting one day a year, so no. Ewww, leeches. I got them on me once when I visited someone in Oklahoma. Never go to Oklahoma. Or Texas. Nooooo.

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