And Then There Was This

The modem quit working. Got it back, but still. I mean, I get that electronics are iffy, but seriously, everything at once? And the stapler? It doesn’t plug in to anything and is certainly not wireless. WTF, universe?

Notes on the health front, since this blog is about ‘living with chronic illness’. Right. I think I am going to give up physical therapy. I really wanted to do this, and wanted it to work, but that’s not how it’s going, so I am throwing in the towel. I had a bit of a minor mishap Thursday, and thought nothing of it. Saturday morning I had a really bad cramp in my calf just as I woke up. Both legs then hurt all day, and going out was not as fun as it might have been, in spite of three Extra-Strength Excedrins, which don’t work, don’t work, don’t work. Calf muscle hurt like hell for awhile when I went to bed, then there was another cramp. Yesterday, I had full body pain and just lay on the couch reading all day. Better today. Anyway, last night I was bemoaning the fact that I seem to always have pain for no reason. Then it occurred to me that it was the delayed pain caused by the mishap. I have a delayed pain thing as part of this stupid illness, and sometimes I’ll do something, like accidentally hit my hand on the corner of the desk or something, but because it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t really register. Then, two or three days later, when my hand does hurt, I have no idea why, because I have no recollection of the hitting it on the desk thing. Makes like interesting. Yes, interesting. That’s what we’ll call it. LOL In the end, I am hobbling around and my legs still hurt, less but still, and I just can’t put myself through the after effects of physical therapy again. Life is hard enough already.

On the bright side, it is yet another gorgeous day. This is the best August ever, so far. Bright, sunny, breezy, NOT humid days. How can you not love that?

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