She’s Working Fine Again

IDEK. I really don’t.

But I ordered a new laptop from Dell. It has 8, and of course can be upgraded to 10. I have had no experience with 8, so we’ll see how that goes.

Went to (oh, god, I am a horrible person) Walmart to check out laptops there, and found one I liked, which they did not have in stock. Came home, pc actually worked, so looked on Amazon and they had the same laptop, but then went to Dell and found one I liked better, for about the same price. So. I am nothing if not impulsive, people, and I have a credit card. So there! This isn’t it, but this is soooo purty!


6 thoughts on “She’s Working Fine Again

    • That it WAS working again, or that I bought a laptop? Cause it’s definitely not working again. Sheesh!

      I am considering replacing the harddrive, but I need to do a lot of research first. Hence, laptop. Also having something familiar to use in the interim, assuming 8 isn’t THAT different than 7. Time will tell.

      • Lol! Oh, look up Windows 10 privacy issues; there are thing syou can do to minimize tracking, natch. And let me know what you think of 10 (everything I read says 8 is awful).

        • yeah, I’m not doing 10 right away. They are rolling it out a few downloads at a time, to catch bugs before it goes to everyone, and there’s a whole year to decide while it’s still free. I’m bookmarking everything related in the meantime. That’s what I usually do.
          Besides, laptop is meant to be a stopgap til i figure out how to install a new hard drive on the tower. Assuming that I CAN figure it out. LOL Of course I can, what was I thinking? Your mother is a geek, after all. 🙂

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