Well, This Made Me Laugh

Psychology Gets It Wrong

We really are not the brightest species on the planet, are we? I mean, look at us, fouling our own nest as fast as we possibly can. But this made me think of all those medical studies that were done only on men, and then the resulting drugs and treatments are created for men, and just applied to women almost as an afterthought. Because, well, we obviously don’t matter here.

I particularly like this bit, “It was kind of like biologists suddenly learning they had based their entire science just on the animals living in a single cave in Montana.” NOT the sharpest tacks in the box, humans.

Yesterday, I came across this:

The Smartest People in the Room

Notice how many of these are women. That’s right. One. ONE. Marie Curie was the only woman considered smart enough to include here. How many of those men do you think took credit for some woman’s work? Not that I don’t like men. I do. A lot. But seriously, they need work.

We can’t help how we’ve evolved, but brawn really isn’t the best qualification for anything except beating up those who aren’t quite as brawny.

Look at the men who are running for office as Republicans. Tell me those men have actual, working brains. Yeah, I didn’t think so. I’m not really that confident with a lot of them who are running as Democrats, either, except that they seem to have at least gone to school and learned to think.

Grumpy Jean is grumpy. Can you tell? More pain, more fatigue, more I am so sick of this shit. And people. I am so sick of people. So!

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