Frustrated R Us!

Stupid body. I have been exhausted for an entire week, and so had to skip PT again today. I am soooo disappointed in myself.

Also disappointed in my stupid, stupid computer. I am trying to move some music files to Amazon Music Player, or Google Play Music thingy, or something where I can play them on my laptop without actually having to get them onto my laptop, if you know what I mean. Does anything work? Noooo. Can I figure it out? Hell, no. (Slight screaming and head-banging going on here, people) Why doesn’t shit just work?????

2 thoughts on “Frustrated R Us!

  1. I can believe it, except with road rage, you usually are harming other people. I just want to take a sledgehammer to my computer sometimes. I’d also like to drown it, stomp on it, and throw it out the window.

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