OMG, It’s Been A Day

Went to check weather on cell phone when I got up, battery ded. Ded. Why? Plugged it into charger. Plugged in computer, which had been behaving horribly yesterday, so just unplugged it yesterday afternoon. Plugged it in this morning, waited half an hour or so, started it up, something like two hours later, I finally got it working. Had the blue screen of death twice, and numerous ‘start, gets so far, freezes, restart, gets to a different point, freezes, rinse, repeat’ over and over and over. Googled blue screen of death message on Nexus and it pretty much said the particular issue either needed a system restore, a bunch of stuff I can’t get at to do, or a reinstall, which I was considering anyway. Anyway, there are no restore points to restore it to. Why???? I just fixed that awhile back. I thought.

Checked all my reinstall info, set out making sure everything everywhere everywhy is backed up. Still backing up one thing to Dropbox, backblaze takes care of most things, but not this, and it is taking years. Years, I tell you. So I have been at this since 9:30 this morning (it’s 9:30 pm now), with brief timeouts for screaming fits and lots of swearing, eating Caprese Salad from Papa Gino’s (I’m ordering so much, the delivery guy was all, “Hi, Jean, how’s it going?” LOL But their Caprese Salad and Fenway Penne Pasta is soooo good, and I can get three or four meals out of it for 18 dollars plus tip), cleared off and rearranged desk and computer table, cleared out my overflowing inbox (the real one, not the email one), discovered that the stapler will only staple if I manually push the staples forward every single time, filmed Gertrude whining at me, and yelled at her because ‘I distinctly remember putting food in your dish, so shut up already please’, go to kitchen a bit later and no, I did not fill her food bowl. That was last night. Duh. Finally crashed, couched and read a bit. Nexus is working, reader is working, unplugged cell phone only to discover it’s not working.

I figure I’ve got at least another day of work before I can get to the actual reinstall. I reinstalled once before, and I don’t remember it being this complicated. It’s been a couple of years, though, so I may just have blocked it out. 🙂 I have no idea what’s wrong with the cell phone. I tried rebooting, but it just showed me mr android with a ‘no command’ message. Then went black. Not off, just black. 😦

Please, somebody, just put me out of my misery, will you? I clearly have angered the universe somehow or other. This was the first day since I last went to physical therapy nine days ago, that I wasn’t exhausted. It was going to be such a good day. HA!

6325923And so do I!

7 thoughts on “OMG, It’s Been A Day

  1. Mega IT rage time. Can you take the battery out of your cellphone? Some of the new ones won’t let you. Mine’s pretty old and stops working sometimes, seems to dislike being recharged for too long. If I take the battery out and put it back in, it usually works again. Sometimes it has also lost all its charge and needs to be plugged in for a while after removing/reputting the battery before it’ll come back to life. Hope you get it all sorted! Don’t let the bastards get you down!

    • It’s very frustrating. I will check the battery. Don’t know if it is removable. Never even thought of that. I can go to the Motorola website, too, and scream for he!p. Think that will work? You know if, it was actually a really good day anyway. I

    • Turns out the battery is not removable. It boots up, but then just sits with logo wavering for a bit (it’s like waves kind of) and then goes blank. It’s on and there’s light, but nothing else. I can’t really turn it off, either. Why me? I’m thinking about calling them tomorrow, assuming my brain is in working order. It isn’t always. 🙂

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