to come back and say much better now. Somehow, just putting stuff out there helps, but I also am very fortunate to have a good, supportive, encouraging friend.

Did you know there is something called The Simple Woman’s Daybook? Begs the question, is there a Complicated Woman’s Daybook? Cause I think I need that one.

I have had the windows closed since early Monday morning. Oi. Or is it ‘oy’? It’s breezy out, but the dewpoint is hovering around 60 and that is tooooooo sticky for comfort. I keep my central air on 75 all the time, so it stays pretty comfortable in here, even though the filters haven’t been changed in forever, and calls and letters to landlord have yielded no results. They used to just do this. I need to move. I want to move. The idea of moving is overwhelming, not to mention the cost of moving. Oh, well. It will be autumn soon, right? >Melatonin

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