When Is It Okay To Whine?

Is there ever an okay time to just say you’re feeling miserable, and not coping or managing well, and just want to curl up and hide under a rock for the next several eons, or do you always have to put on a positive spin to every bit of life. Cause I’m finding that really hard right now. It’s been twenty years since my life went to hell (not the getting sick thing, the other thing), and I do not want to remember how I felt then, and I do not want to think about it at all, and yet it seems to be there in the back of my mind anyway. It was a horrible, horrible time, and I don’t want to even be aware of it, so I think my subconscious and my body are working together to give me pain and sleepiness to focus on instead. It all sucks. I just want my life back and to not be spending virtually every minute of it by myself. Pretend there’s a semi-cheery smart-ass comment here, cause I’m coming up empty.

5 thoughts on “When Is It Okay To Whine?

  1. Bloody hell. I feel grumpy today too and I don’t have half as much to put up with as you do, so what’s my excuse? Just mad at myself because i need to get off my bum and find more work. Only there isn’t any, so I have to invent it myself. All out of inventing energy. And it’s cold and rainy. Hang in there. Chocolate, anyone?

        • It’s worked out fine so far – people get reviewed and so do I. They also provide some kind of ID to sign up. I haven’t had a problem with anyone and the extra money comes in handy! They collect it and pass it on to me, taking a small cut. Makes it easy for me, no hassles trying to get money off people.

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