What I’ve Learned Today

while surfing on the pc. Sad irons are heavy. Which is related to the feeling you have when you are sad. Who knew? Somebody who isn’t me, that’s who. Reading the King Arthur cake question page, which I did not know existed until now, and I never make cakes anyway, so…. Learned about over-creaming, which is not a good thing, and if your recipe calls for an inordinate amount of time beating the batter, it was probably from a time before they used baking powder and you don’t have to beat it forever any more. Yay.

gardeningIt occurred to me that cooking is a lot like gardening. You never really know what you’re going to get, and half the fun is in trying, seeing results, and then tweaking to suit. I love that about gardening. With cooking, I’ve almost always made a recipe as written, then tried to figure out how I could make it better, or more to my tastes, or whatever. Don’t use this spice, use that one, etc. That’s the fun part. Or this plant will look great by that one. Next year, I’m thinking, “oops, I think it will look better by that other plant”. I rearrange my furniture a lot, too. Or at least I did before avoiding pain became the driving motivation behind everything I do. I get bored easily, it seems. LOL

ten waysHad a very good day yesterday. Out to lunch with my friend Tess, talked to waitress and owner who were really nice, about take-out I had from there several months ago which was literally inedible. Went for mammogram, bought ingredients for peach ice cream. I had prepped the peaches earlier so they had time to macerate, which prevents the pieces from freezing into ice blocks. Made the ice cream, played Big Kahuna on the pc. I love Big Kahuna, so long as it’s not just me playing, because I can only come up with three and four letter words. We had a fourteen letter word the other day. Woo Hoo. It does weird things with letters, so you’re never sure what word you’re going to get. I like surprises. My freezer does not get cold enough, (and no, they won’t even change the central air filter, so I’m never getting a new frig from this landlord) so my portion of the ice cream never really got hard, and didn’t even get hard enough while churning, because the insert only gets as cold as my freezer, which isn’t cold enough. Did I mention that already? 🙂 Haven’t checked yet today to see if it ever really froze. All in all, it was a good day, which have been few and far between in recent times. So yay, me.

keep calm good day

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