The Brain…

human-brainShe needs work. I am checking over my crossword puzzle to see if I missed anything, when my eye catches ‘dueto’. ‘Doo-et-o’, I say to myself. I’ve heard of trio, not dueto. Check the clue. It’s ‘due to’. Duh. A friend and I were playing Big Kahuna once, before we figured out how it makes words, which I won’t spoil for you if you haven’t ever played it, and it came up with ‘tintypes’. ‘Tinty peas’, we say to ourselves. Took a minute before we realized it was ‘tin types’. Duh! We still laugh over that years later. I love Big Kahuna, but I can only ever get four or five letter words when I play by myself.

smileylSpeaking of crosswords, does anyone know where I can get a subscription to the New York Times crossword puzzle books. The place I used before doesn’t seem to have them anymore, that I could see, anyway. I’m on my last book. Oh, the agony. I need my crossword books. It’s not the same online. I use a pen, and either am very, very good or wind up with holes in the page because I’ve gone over the wrong letter so many times. But I like using a pen. No sharpening needed.

big kahunaSpeaking of Big Kahuna, too, we both are looking at the exact same thing on the screen, and yet we see very different things. She will make a word going one way, and I see the same word, but going a different route. See ‘elan’ two ways in the picture. She tends to see up and down, and I tend to see side to side. Very interesting. Makes for some laughs, too. Laughing is good. Big Kahuna is good. I have a ton of games on my pc, but I rarely play anything but Big Kahuna with my friend, or Bejeweled Twist or Zuma’s Revenge on my own. I like shooting things and making things go boom, apparently. LOL Oh, I love Mahjong games, too. And Cubistry on my Nexus. Cubistry takes no brains at all. It’s a good game for me. LOL

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