Well This IS Interesting

Huerfano_Butte cinder coneHuerfano_Butte Colorado cinder cone

Was talking to a friend yesterday about how in school, we read about volcanos, but there weren’t really any erupting that we were ever aware of (that we remember, anyway), and now there are volcanos erupting everywhere. volcanoBut Arizona? Kind of close to Yellowstone there. Relatively speaking. ▶ 6/03/2015 — Arizona Dormant Volcano Erupts plumes @ Sunset Craters – Visible on Satellite Imagery – YouTube.volano 2

Speaking of yesterday, out to lunch with my friend Tess. We ate at the Mexican restaurant up the road (Mexican food. Yum.) Trader Joe’s, dentist, Dairy Queen for dessert. Fun day. I have the best dentist ever anywhere. I so lucked out when I found him. As close to pain-free as it is possible to get, and very pleasant surroundings, as well. Almost (Just almost. I am not crazy.) look forward to going. I am all done with the work now, which was very minor. Just regular cleanings from here on out. Yay me.

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