The Boston Bomber

and other things.

I am not usually in favor of the death penalty, because I think mistakes are made more often than we know. But in this case, after seeing and hearing some of the info that has not been made public before, I am appalled and disbelieving at the deliberate cruelty perpetuated by this hideous excuse for a human being and his brother. Bombs designed to do the most horrific damage to a human body, and there were CHILDREN! What ‘god’ condones this? I don’t care what your cause is, or how much injustice you think you have suffered, there is no excuse, no justification for the things that were done that day. So in this case, I would say he does not deserve to live, except maybe in solitary for the rest of his days, but even that is too forgiving. If anyone deserves to die, it is someone who is capable of doing what those two did. It’s like ISIS. Again, no cause justifies their murderous rampages, and I kind of think they just like killing and found a really good way to excuse it to themselves.

Okay, lighter note. Six days in a row. I was going to just blog that, but then I got mad. See above. When I say cooking, I reheated leftovers from yesterday and made more gravy. Gravy. Yum. I never have gravy. It’s tasty. That counts as cooking because I usually eat power bars and frozen dinners and order-in stuff, like Chinese food. Which is not nearly as good as it used to be. My fave place closed, too.

IMAG000Today I had my eyes checked and a bone-scan. Two appointments in one day, which meant I was a bit late for the scan since the eye doctor was really busy and behind, but it also means I only had to do the stairs once. For TWO appointments. Yay! Hobbling now, but not bad. Just getting to go outside was a treat. Are they ever going to fix the elevator? Seriously? Of course, they were not even aware that there are filters that need to be changed regularly for the central heat/air system. How can they not know that? Now that they are aware, have they changed mine? Yeah, right.

Also, my upper right hand picture has gone AWOL. IDEK.  Update:  Got it back.  Yay, me.

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