Not Cured

There is no miracle cure. But I cooked five out of the last five days. Nothing major, but I cooked. 5 mg Prednisone seems to be the magic number, as long as my bones hold out. Am getting bone shots soon. Five days in a row. Do you even know how rare that is? It seems like years since I’ve managed to cook more than two days in a row. Of course, I didn’t do much of anything else, so the kitchen was kind of…yeah. My homemaker helped with that yesterday, so I am back on track with relative neatness. Woo Hoo. LOL

This is still not me:

Cooking-2Was reading an article about books from movies. I’ve read a couple where the movie was so much better. Brokeback Mountain is one. Tim was another. Before Mel Gibson turned into that person. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter.

Some movies were really bad representations of the book. The DaVinci Code wasn’t horrible, how can any movie with Paul Bettany be horrible?, but it wasn’t the book. Jurassic Park. The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo trilogy, although the Swedish movies were much better (and darker) than the US one I saw. Twilight. The book, while seriously…sparkles?, was a page turner once you got past the whole premise of it. Not that that makes sense, but I know what I mean, I just can’t find the right words. Harry Potter. Loved the first book, liked the second, stopped reading after the third. The movie of the first one just bored me.

Some books I won’t watch the movie. The Perfect Storm is one. I can’t imagine any one else’s imagination doing a better job than my own did while reading it.

That’s all I can think of off hand. I’m worn out from cooking FIVE DAYS IN A ROW! Woo Hoo!!!

4 thoughts on “Not Cured

  1. I think you’re doing better than me… I’m avoiding cooking 5 days in a row by making enough for 2 days. Well done! I mostly prefer the book to the movie, if only because the people hardly ever look like I thought they would and that really annoys me. I’m currently enjoying the sunny autumn we’re having. Need to plant some more greens for winter.

    Having an injection in my neck on Monday to try and get on top of the arthritis pain that’s driving me nuts, especially at night. Wish me luck!

  2. Oh, ouch. I had a bone-scan today to get a baseline for when I start the bone-building shots. Shots. Oh, joy.
    Six days in a row. I’m gonna blog about it. Maybe I’ll just say, “Six Days In A Row” and leave it at that. 🙂 Actually, today was basically reheating leftovers from yesterday and making a bit more gravy, but that counts for someone who survives on power bars, frozen (ick) dinners, and ordering-in.
    I almost always think that my imagination is better than the movie-makers. But as I said, some movies are really so much better than the book, maybe because the book was so bad that my imagination went on walk-about for the duration. You think?
    You know, you’re my only real commenter. (or?) I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.

    • No worries – it’s nice for me to have a chat with someone when I sit down with a coffee. Many of my friends don’t live that close and I go a bit stir-crazy during the day sometimes.

      I hate shots and I’m scared I might wriggle and stuff it all up… will have to exercise my best self-control.

      If the book can’t make you imagine, then maybe the movie is bound to be better, because the book must be a stinker! We’ve got the woodheater going and the cats are jostling for heater-spots. Must be autumn, even though it got up to 17C today – I love autumn weather and the slanting sunshine.

      • Well it’s ‘spring’ here, and it’s 36 F (2 celsius?), and I have my little heater fan on and am wearing a sweater. It’s very gray and dark, too. Sunshine, I miss you.

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