I was reading a post about teaching your child about marketing. How stores put things out in such a way as to make you want to buy them, and you not doing that. I kind of used to be like that. Catalogs. Oh, look at that. It’s so pretty. I want it. Where will I put it. Simon (my cat) will probably destroy it anyway. And on. It occurred to me once to just cut out the picture and look at it now and then. Man, did that ever work. No clutter, and no money spent. Nothing for Simon to destroy. I miss Simon. He was a good cat. >A Better Day

Pretty dishes that I have not bought: >Feeling Better

Not cooking today. Did not sleep much all night, then slept off and on until 3:30 pm. Yes, things hurt so I slept through it. So glad I’m not doing the stairs again this week. Feeling pretty good now, but still hobbling, and really not up for cooking. So my world-record is safe at six days in a row. I’m happy.

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