Trying to Deal

It’s not going well. I admit it. I am better in that I don’t feel horribly muzzy and sleepy and miserable all the time, but the pain is relentless. I went to the doctor last week to discuss the need for prednisone, with which she agreed, told me how much to take for how long before decreasing again, and then failed to send in the scrip. So I won’t be getting it til tomorrow, which is my last pill from the leftovers from last time I was on it.

I have made the mistake in the past of saying that I am not coping well. What I mean is I am not managing well. Cooking, tidying up, every little thing that makes up daily life just does not happen. Dealing with paperwork, clearing off surfaces where I have just put stuff for the time-being, none of this happens either. Everything is made monumental and overwhelming by pain. I have been eating peanut butter crackers and power bars this week. I’m sure bad nutrition doesn’t help. Pain meds don’t work anymore, but instead of giving me something that works, they want me to take prilosec so the ones I am taking that aren’t working won’t eat holes in my stomach. Modern medicine is so helpful.

I am discouraged, to say the least, and not up for blogging much at all. ‘If you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all.’ That’s Thumper, I believe. I love Bambi. Not the sad part, but the rest. Oh, I wish there was someone else to help. Being alone has its’ good points, but it can also be extremely difficult when you are ill. No one to make a cup of tea, or bring your meds when you’ve left them way over there and it hurts too much to get up and retrieve them. Or get the water to take them with. This is the official February whine post. Done for the month, I hope, but don’t expect to see much posting. Not that any one cares. Not that anyone reads or comments or whatever. Why am I doing this crap anyway? IDEK anymore. See? Illness just makes everything suck, even when it doesn’t. It has gotten extremely difficult to have a positive attitude lately, so it’s better to just withdraw and not do it, right? Oh, I probably shouldn’t post this, but I don’t even care anymore. However, I will get better. I always do. Mentally, if not physically.

On the bright side…WINTER. Blizzards, snowstorms, freezing cold. I love it! I hate hot and sticky, so winter is a good thing, and we haven’t had a decent one for a few years. Until now. Hooray!!!

6 thoughts on “Trying to Deal

  1. I wish I lived closer and could help. And please don’t thi nk no one cares. Too bad you can’t move out here. No winter, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • No, it’s just there’s no one right here. Well, I’m pretty sure Gertrude likes me, but that no-opposible thumbs thing kind of makes her useless for tea-making. Better today. Just putting crap out there always makes me feel better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sounds like things aren’t really easy right now, to say the least. Hope things get better on the pain front soon. Pain meds don’t work too well for me, either, as most make me feel sick, so when my arthritic neck gets bad all that helps is to keep moving, moving moving…. sometimes I get very very tired, but sitting still, lying down or resting aren’t comfortable, so I just keep going. On the good side, at least I can get stuff done, as long as it doesn’t involve looking to the right or up or too much to the left, haha!

    As far as the weather goes, it’s a rare hot day here today, 33C (91 Fahrenheit). I’ve been running around cleaning and washing because I’ve just started a small one room bed-n-breakfast in the granny flat downstairs and have had lots of bookings. Surprisingly, one of my goofy money-making ideas actually seems to be working out.

    And yes, things will get better, because you’re right, they always do!

  3. We’re having more snow today. Don’t think I could take 91 degrees right now. I like summer, but not the hot and sticky part. I’m from a dry climate, and never quite adjusted to humidity, apparently.

    It’s the getting stuff done that is the bane of my existence. Not being sleepy and dazy and miserable means my brain works, and I have ideas. Things I want to do. But the body still refuses to cooperate. It’s very hard to do things when every move you make hurts somewhere…or everywhere. If they could find a pain med that worked without killing you or causing hallucinations (Tramadol), I would be much more productive. Thanks for commenting, btw.

    • You know, the pain med thing is a huge issue. There are so many people who hate the side effects of pain meds or just can’t tolerate them, yet don’t have effective alternatives to what’s currently available. I take Curcumin Phytosome, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. I wouldn’t call it a wonder drug, but it makes a difference and doesn’t cause me any problems, unlike all the other anti-inflammatories! My husband’s a doctor with an interest in effective herbal medicine (most of the stuff you get online or at pharmacies is rubbish) and he recommended it. I also take Panadol Osteo, which is slow release (I think you call it Tylenol?). It takes the edge off it. better than nothing. Can’t take anything with Codeine or anything similar.

      The person who finds that pain med will be a multi-millionaire.

      • I’m going to look up the cucurmin thing. I’m all for herbal things that work, but it’s hard to find a qualified person, doctor, whatever that knows and recommends them. I can’t take tylenol because it makes my stomach hurt, and it only works for certain types of pain, most of which I am not having. Helpful to have a doctor in the family, I think. โ˜บ Thanks.

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