My New Favorite Quote

From one of my favorite persons. He’s kind of bizarre sometimes, but he knows how to enjoy life. It’s a good thing. 011215

“Honestly, the world can be a dark enough place. Light it up.”
→ John Barrowman

We have had snow. Serious snow. Three Mondays in a row now, I think. I like snow. I don’t have to shovel or dig out my car or any of that, so I can just enjoy it. Sorry, those of you who have to do those things.

Feeling better. Got over feeling sorry for myself, I guess. It’s amazing how much just putting stuff out there helps. I slide towards the black hole now and then, pain is hard to live with, but I still seem able to pull myself back out after a bit. Actually, it’s the being alone and living with pain that is hardest. I do well on my own, but sometimes I just wish there was someone here to care, and to help. You play the hand you’re dealt, and this is mine, so I do my best to cope most of the time. I am alive, I am basically a happy person, I have food, and warmth, and a roof over my head. A lot of people don’t, so gratitude is something to keep in mind. That’s it for today.

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