It’s True

I am a joy-killer. Just came across this vid, which echoes my sentiments about the whole thing. Also cats. Did you see those pics of that poor cat who looked like someone had sat on his face and crushed it? ‘Oh, how cute’ were the comments. Bet the cat wasn’t thinking that. “Help, I can’t breathe!” is probably more in line with his/her inner thoughts. Anyway, here’s today’s joy-killer vid. I subscribed to the channel, so hoping there will be more.

5 thoughts on “It’s True

  1. So true. The trouble is that working dog breeds are the healthiest, but also the least suited to suburban life, because they are so active. I hate seeing cattle dogs such as blue heelers cooped up in a backyard, going mad with boredom. If someone wants a dog, they should get a suitable mutt or a reitred greyhound. My sister has one of those. It’s a beautiful, gentle, calm dog. Surprisingly, it doesn’t need that much exercise and because they are bred to race, not to look weird, they are generally very healthy dogs. The greyhound racing “industry” sucks, though.

    • I have to admit, Heidi, that sometimes I feel pretty hopeless. I look around and see the mess my species has made of everything, and I am at a loss as to how to change anything. Then there is this. At one point, a man says, ‘If you have a good community, and good community support, you can do anything.’ That, to me, is a very hope-generating statement. It’s a great idea, anyway, using the dogs instead of shooting things. I’m all for free-range chickens, too. I believe that when you eat meat or eggs or dairy from animals that have had horrific, terrifying and painful lives and deaths, those emotions become a part of you. (Yes, I one of those new-age tree hugger types. So? 🙂 ) It’s one of the reasons I don’t eat beef. (Steak. I know. My downfall. But only once or twice a year, like that makes it okay.) I’ve read about what the cattle are fed, and I’ve seen cattle feed lots first hand. No living creature should have to “live” like that. Also, you guys have funny words: Warrnambool is one. Sub’d to that channel. Thanks.

      • I hear you and I often feel the same, believe me! And as an ex cattle farmer, I also hate feedlots. Luckily here in Tassie, most of the cattle are grass-fed, so they’re free range. Surprise surprise (not) the meet has been found to be healthier! No wonder with the kind of crap they get in feedlots…

        And yes, we do have lost of different words – try this it’s pretty funny! And it doesn’t even have chook (chicken) in it, so there are lots more.

        • It’s like a completely different language. I’ve finally figured out a lot of Brit-isms, but they are nothing as bizarre as Ozzie-speak. I just made up that ‘ozzie-speak’ thing. Yay, me. LOL

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