It was the weekend

And now it isn’t. I went away for it, and now I’m back. The thrill of it all. Really, really great weekend, spent with my oldest friends. I always feel the need to explain, no they’re not old, I’ve just known them longer than any of my other friends. English. Very confusing language. Coming home from a weekend at their house is always so depressing. There I was in the gorgeous place, with people I love, having a great time, where my friend John always make my favorite food, steak on the grill by John, and now here I am back in my dump of a prison box. On the other hand, if you think your life sucks, I found out that someone I actually know in actual real life is going on vacation for a WEEK, to a place that costs $7,000 per NIGHT. Not year, month, or even week. Night. I don’t have words. That’s almost four times the money I get in a year.

2 thoughts on “It was the weekend

  1. $7000 a NIGHT? Wow. Richard and I once wheedled our way into this really posh resort here in Tassie (look up “Saffire Freycinet” if you want to get an idea…). We were down there for a short holiday, staying in his brothers holiday shack. We pretended we were looking for a place to honeymoon and because it was winter and they weren’t busy, they gave us the whole guided tour! I’d have to say, it was pretty damn nice. Beautiful views, French champagne, day trips with a guide and all sorts of other stuff included, you discuss with the chef what you might fancy for dinner etc etc. And that was from US$1700 a night. Not sure what you could get for that much extra. We’re super lucky to have friends and family all over Tassie so we can stay with them and they with us, meaning we share the good company as well as staying in lovely places. I reckon part of what the super-rich pay for is keeping out the hoi-polloi, hence the private helicopter from the airport. If they want to have a quiet holiday without paparazzi shooting pics of their boobs on the beach, well then for them it’s worth it.

    That steak on the grill sounds nice…

    • My mind would be boggled at $1700 a night. $7000 just leaves me gawping. (Is that a word?) And yeah, John makes the best steak on the grill on the planet. The only time I eat beef is when I go there, or on the very rare occasions I get to go to Longhorn Restaurant, which has excellent, but different, steak. One year, I was at my friends’ house for Christmas. It was just the three of us, which I like, because I get tired easily and too many people is stressful. So for Christmas dinner, we had steak on the grill, beets (I love beets) and a veg with hollandaise. Perfect Christmas dinner. Oh, yeah. LOL

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