Trees of More

Tried to zoom and crop and all that jazz, but it didn’t really work. However, on this one, when I crowpid.wp.1395811391684pped it, you can really see that the tree looks kind of bushy, not just bare branches.

Truth, this is the weather radar from a few minutes ago. I don’t live where the mark is, btw. It has started to very lightly snow, but the wind has really picked up. They may get hurricane force winds on the Cape, and are supposed to get a lot of snow there. I love winter. I don’t have to shovel. LOL

Slept during the day, so up all night it is. I have such an interesting life. Having coffee. I like coffee.

2 thoughts on “Trees of More

  1. I would miss winter horribly. It helps me appreciate spring so much more, and the first snowfall is something I would not want to never see again. I like snow. I like cold. I like howling wind. I am safe and warm, so it’s all good from my point of view. Not like that for everyone, but I can’t fix that, so I just enjoy what there is to enjoy.

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