6 thoughts on “Trees, Again

  1. Hi. What radar tells you it’s gonna snow soon? I prefer cold weather to sunny and hot. May be that’s because If I dress appropriately I’m able to contain and maintain my body warmth. Our cold is nothing like your cold, we get snow for a day or two every couple of years if we are lucky. Global warming has brought us a little bit more snow. But please share your weather forecasting tricks so I too can learn how to be more in touch with nature’s quirks.

  2. Truth The weather radar. Did you think I had some internal radar voodoo thingy going on. LOLOL Although that would be pretty neat if I did. I much prefer cold weather. You can just keep adding clothing. Hot and sticky, there is only so much you can do, and nothing really helps, because the air is hot and sticky, and you have to breath and all. I liked summer when I lived in Colorado, where it’s very dry, and it’s very pretty here, but being forced to live with the air conditioner on most of the time with the windows closed is not my idea of a good time.

  3. Yes indeed I thought you had some voodoo weather thingy going on Lol. I had sort of combined your “leaves changing colour and snow in a day or two” comments and come to conclude you know more than the rest of us on weather, lol.

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