A Blustery Day

In the neighborhood.  Wind blew quite hard all night and today.  Hardly any snow, though, and what there was, blew away.  I enjoyed it. 

Another pain and sleep day.  I’m hoping that when I’m finally done with the prednisone, I won’t be in pain all the time again, because that just sucked!  Time will tell. 

I have made a new plan.  I make new plans at least twice a month, but they never come to anything because as soon as I’ve made one, I am up all night and sleep all day, or have more pain and cannot function even more than I already can’t function.  I think my body does not like plans.  I never give up trying, though.  I am the definition of crazy, apparently.  You know, keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.I used to have a plan when I was married.  Monday do this, Tuesday that, so I never even had to think about it or forget something important.

Not having any control over your own body is not fun.  Can’t sleep when I want, or get up when I want, or do what I want when I want. I must be pretty adaptable, though, cause I haven’t run screaming into the night.  Yet.  If I could run.  Which I can’t. I can barely walk some days.  Somehow, writing all this down is very amusing.  ?????? ☺

There was a bad fire in Boston today, and two firefighters were killed.  Very sad. We were lucky that everyone got out when we had the fire in January, because I think it was a close call.  Brave men and women who look out for us.

3 thoughts on “A Blustery Day

  1. I’ll be the weather isn’t helping at all. 😦

    That’s sad about the firefighters; I’ll bet Earl goes to the funerals. They seem to do that as a brotherhood.

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