Trees and Other Nonsense

Today has been a pain day.  No reason that I’m aware of.  There never is really, unless I’ve


actually done something real life-ish the day before.  Didn’t, yesterday.  Feeling kind of down, alone and lonely, I guess, and being unable to do much due to the pain just makes it worse.  That’s my life.  The part of the day I wasn’t sleeping, I called a friend, canceled an appointment, ate twice (leftovers from ordering in last night), and read.  Have some calming new-agey type music on the cable music stations.  Mesmerizing.  I like to listen to it when I read. No actual tune to distract you.  Just lovely sound in the background.  It’s really the only good thing about comcast.  LOL
Tried to capture the sun on the tips of the branches the other day, but need a better camera.  The tips were sort of white, indicating to me that something is changing.  Today the the trees were looking like they are starting to just push out the beginnings of leaves.  I noticed awhile back that some trees were showing color, indicating the sap is starting to rise.  Spring has sprung.  Of course, we are going to be on the edge of a snow nor’easter tomorrow, but still…it’s March. 🐣

4 thoughts on “Trees and Other Nonsense

  1. I love it when people can point to things like “the sap is rising” in the trees to indicate the changing of seasons. I’m terrible at things like that. I grew up in a village until I was about 12. We went out hunting, ate wild fruits, played hide and seek in the bush but for the life of me I cannot recall one single event in nature or about plants/animals that signal changes in seasons. It’s as though I chose to learn nothing during that time.

    I rely on simple things like how quickly it gets dark or how long the morning breeze hangs around to work out in mind that things are changing. I hope your pain subsides and the music helps you enjoy the newly sprung spring.

  2. My grandmother was part Native American, and she taught me a lot of weather signs when I was very young. i seem to have forgotten a lot of them, but some still stick. It’s a good thing. She was a really good grandmother.

  3. I know. If I listen to music with words, I find that instead of reading, I’m singing along in my head. Classical can kind of suck you into listening actively, too, which is why I like the sort of tune-less new agey stuff. Nothing for your brain to latch on to. If you have a brain. Which on days like today I’m not at all sure I do. Or if I do, it is working.

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