My Mac and My Plan

Followed my plan today by getting up at 9am. End of plan, but only because I went out with my friend Tess. Since we were going out anyway, she suggested I take my mac to Best Buy, where I bought it, and see if they could help with the no-booting problem. Why, yes, they can. For $279.00 up front. I’m sorry? So called Apple support again when we got home, and after valiantly trying everything and researching more, the guy could not get any further than I did. So have to take it to the Apple store in Providence, or a service shop in Bellingham (I would have to pay, there), so no easy fix for me. ‘It just works’ until it doesn’t. I never had this problem with Windows. I’ve always been able to find something that worked. I am so disappointed with Apple. I thought it was supposed to be better. Oh, well.
Now I have to go ask my neighbor to turn down her freaking music or I am going to call the cops. I am a patient, don’t like to make waves person, but seriously. Plus, she’ll probably be crocked, cause that’s who she is, so I am not looking forward to this. But hey, I followed my plan for one morning in a row. It’s a good thing, right? >Two ThingsWhew. She turned it off while I was looking for an image to illustrate this post. Yay.

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