Finally had to close the windows.  Even though it’s been getting chillier outside, into the thirties at night, it’s been just coolish in here until just a bit ago.  Got quite chilly just all ofA sudden.  Closed windows, plugged in fireplace and put batteries in the remote. A remote-controlled fireplace.  Couldn’t do that with real fire.  Speaking of which, we had an alarm a couple of hours ago.  No fire, I think the workers set it off.  They are painting in the halls today.  Gertrude was sitting next to me when it went off, so I grabbed her and was able to get her into the carrier within getting g shredded.  Threw all my small electronics (cell phone, kindles) into my lovely purse and off we went. Forgot my cane, but no biggie.  Was only outside few minutes anyway.  The fire station is about half a block away, so they were already in the building before I made it down the stairs.  As for my lovely purse, I do not carry a purse, if it doesn’t fit in my pockets, it doesn’t go with me. But I keep everything in it when I’m home, so I never have to search for keys, wallet, etc. And so everything is handy in an emergency and my small electronics fit in just fine.  So.  LOL  Gertrude has been hiding under the bedspread since we got back in.  Probably won’t see her til later.

Where are the paragraphs, you may ask.  I switched back to ComcastTuesday, and neither the guys who did it or myself can get the pc to connect to the internet.  Typing on tablets is not so easy, and you can’t see much of what you’ve typed. So I just keep typing and typing and typing……   Proofreading isn’t easily doable, so just pretend everything is spelled correctly.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “October

  1. A fireplace with a remote? That’s a new one! And we’re going anti-tech and thinking of putting in a real one, because at least you can keep warm if there’s a power cut. Also thinking of having our most important papers etc handy and maybe a few days worth of food and water, because Hobart is about 10 years overdue for a big bushfire and at least we could help out a few people that way. Always good to practice for these occasions and have your essentials handy, isn’t it!

  2. There’s no actual fireplace here. I have an electric one that I can put anywhere . It’s pretty. (Smile) Always good to have emergency supplies on hand, something I never even thought of until terrorism and global warming sort of made survival iffy. It’s the modern age, folks. Not what we were hoping for. I have a space-blanket (forget It’s real name), and a long-burning emergency not-a-candle thing. Tinned soup and beans and bottled water. Things you can just eat from the can are good to have on hand. Hope you miss out on the fires. They’ve been in the news on BBC America lately.

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