Amazon, among other things

Had a nice reply to my slightly snarky email about returning books from the actual reader. Not helpful, but nice. I don’t borrow books a lot, so I was also taken by surprise when, after I had returned the book and gone back to the reader, I found I could not borrow another book. One book a month. ONE. BOOK. A. MONTH. These are not even real books. They do not exist in the actual world. They are cyber-books. Files. Binary? I can send one file to ten bazillion different people if I want to, and Amazon can’t lend more than one book at a time, or in a month?

bankingI do not understand business models. Seriously. I do not. John has a house, falls on hard times, missing a few payments. Does the bank say, “Well, John. Let’s work something out so you can stay in your home and catch up when things get better. Smaller payments for awhile or something.” NOOOOOOO. Let’s throw John out and let the house he was keeping in good repair fall into decay, sit and rot away. How is this good business? I guess the bank finds a way to get their money regardless, and we all know that in the USA, the money is the only thing that counts. Maybe I DO understand business models.

3 thoughts on “Amazon, among other things

  1. Have never tried borrowing a book from Amazon, does it still cost money? I had a Sony reader, which has gone missing, and I’m thinking of getting another, because I could use it to borrow ebooks (for free) from our local public library and they would return themselves, unlike the paper versions. Maybe your local public library has a similar deal?
    It is sad when money seems to be the only important factor…

  2. Yep, it’s free. Amazon Lending Library. I’ve borrowed from my library, too. Much easier than going there and toting home a load of books, which I used to do regularly. I like to read. 🙂

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