The IT ClubSoooo, DD came down Saturday, asked her to see if she could figure out why I couldn’t connect to internet with pc. No luck after half an hour or so. Called her roommate, who is in IT (he’s in The IT Crowd, not the show, actual IT). After around 90 minutes, taking the tower apart and reading off a bunch of part numbers, he decided I probably need a new network card, so we went out to lunch, then off to Best Buy, who of course, did NOT have the 15.00 network card, but did have a 40.00 substitute. Came home, ordered part from Amazon. Put pc back together until card comes, turned it on because I could, my weather widget showed current temp. Connected. Cancelled Amazon order. Seriously. It needed to be taken apart and/or unplugged, and that fixed it. Tech guys who were here, comcast phone help, no-one said to try that. Which I should have known to do. It’s what I always tell everyone, if ‘turn it off and then back on again’ doesn’t work. Unplug for at least five minutes is always next. Well, stand me in the corner and call me stupid, cause it just didn’t occur to me. Anyway, all is now well with the pc. Yay. It was a long time from Tuesday afternoon til Saturday evening, without my desktop. I have a macbook, but I am Windows through and through, apparently.

I had an exceptionally good day today, after being creaky and barely moving and breathing yesterday. Breathing issues are thank you to the renovations going on in the public areas of my building. Asthma does not love paint fumes, sawdust, etc. Anyway, I completely reconfigured my office area, and moved my electric fireplace and bookcases to a better part of the wall. Like four inches over. My homemaker helped with that, cause I couldn’t move it and keep the tv from falling off at the same time. So things look much better now. My desk area has organization, which it had before I got really ill, and which went by the wayside while I was living in misery. All better now. For the time being anyway. Organized. I like organized. I am not a neat freak, but I like to know where things are. It’s a good thing.

It’s getting a lot colder the past few days, but was able to have the windows open wide for a few hours today. Fresh air is good, especially when renovations are happening. When my homemaker went to leave this afternoon, we discovered that the workmen had taped my door shut while she was here. LOLOL

One last thing: What Does The Fox Say?

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