Walmart, and another reason to avoid it

Reduced shifts. Worse hours. No raises. Being fired.

These are just some of the ways Walmart has retaliated against workers who have spoken up for their rights.

Workers like Vanessa Ferriera, who worked at Walmart for 8 years, until she was fired earlier this month — having done nothing wrong beside standing up for herself and her coworkers.

Or workers like Carlton Smith, a Paramount, California, Walmart employee of 17 years, who was just fired for speaking up to make positive change.

So today, Walmart workers across the country are on strike, standing up against Walmart’s retaliation against and attempts to silence those who speak out. They’ll be caravaning to Bentonville, Arkansas — what they’re calling the “Ride for Respect” — to bring their complaints directly to the Walmart shareholder meeting on June 7th.

And the more of us who stand with them right now, the louder their voices will be.

Sign their petition to Walmart today, and it’ll be delivered to Walmart HQ during the shareholder meeting.

Even though Walmart makes more than $16 billion in profits each year, the retailer is creating jobs that keep its associates without enough hours, without healthcare, and struggling to get by on poverty wages.

As a result many employees can’t even support their families without relying on government assistance, while the Walton family, which controls the company, has the wealth of 42 percent of American families combined, and its CEO rakes in more than 1,000 times the salary of the average Walmart worker.

That’s why these workers are calling for Walmart to publicly commit to providing jobs with full-time hours and a minimum salary of $25,000 — and why your support is so important.

Because we know what happens to workers when they speak out — just ask Vanessa or Carlton.

The “Ride for Respect” — to take their concerns directly to the executives and shareholders who could make change happen — will be a huge effort.

And having you with the workers from the start will make a huge difference. Add your name today:

Thanks so much,
Silvia Fabela
Assistant Field Organizer, Making Change at Walmart

2 thoughts on “Walmart, and another reason to avoid it

  1. I have detested that company for years. Learned way too much about it while transcribing community meetings before one was built. Sam Walton is rolling. Rolling, I tell you!

  2. They force their suppliers to lower quality and pay workers less in order to keep things cheap. They make loads of money, but their employees need food stamps and other assistance to survive, while working…not loafing, idling, gold-bricking or any of the other euphemisms the Republicans use, but working. At work.

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