Brownies from a box.  Not so great.  Have been feeling kind of not up-beat for a bit.  Pain is tiring, and depressing, especially when there doesn’t seem to be any connection to anything I do.  It just is there, and then is there only more so, in totally random places, i.e. foot hurts, then hand hurts, then shoulder hurts, etc., and pills don’t work and sleep is impossible and it just sucks.  Plus, the hot and stickies have arrived in spades.  I hate the hot and stickies.  It’s barely June, anyway.

On the other hand, I had a really fun time with my homemaker, in which there was  a lot of conversation and hysterical laughter about a show Animal Planet ran that was supposedly proving there are mermaids, and only belatedly letting it be known that it was a mockumentary, also known as fake, fake, fake.  Too late for the apparently loads of people who were taken in and now believe there are mermaids because they saw it on Animal Planet with real (fake) scientists and everything.  Which station used to be about real animals, and real science, and now is a clone of tabloid tv, like every other used-to-be legit station before they were all bought by the same low-life lowest-common-denominator programming company.  Discovery channel used to be about science, SciFi used to be about science fiction, TLC used to be The Learning Channel.  Now they all fall under the umbrella of drekiest drek of the drek.  Makes me happy I dumped Comcast a few years ago.    Anyway…discussion involved much laughing and myriad other only tangentially related subjects.

Quote from Slate:

“This week, Animal Planet aired two fake documentaries claiming to show scientific evidence of mermaids. I say “fake documentaries” because that’s exactly what The Body Found and The New Evidence are. The “scientists” interviewed in the show are actors, and there’s a brief disclaimer during the end credits. However, the Twitter conversation surrounding the show (#Mermaids) reveals that many viewers are unaware that the show isn’t real. (Sample Tweets: “After watching the documentary #Mermaids the body found … I believe there are mermaids!!!” and “90% of the ocean is unexplored and you’re telling me #mermaids don’t exist”—which has been retweeted more than 800 times.) It is, after all, airing on a network that claims to focus on educating viewers about the natural world. “The Body Found” was rightfully described “the rotting carcass of science television,” and I was shocked to see Animal Planet air a sequel.”

Two articles from the same Google page:

My homemaker said she overheard several people in the grocery store discussing the program and stating how they now believed there really are mermaids, so part of the discussion involved checking other sources, asking questions, not just taking something as truth based on one source of information.  Critical thinking, it’s my pet peeve that it doesn’t seem to be considered part of education any longer.  Think for yourself, it’s harder to be manipulated and conned into doing things that are against your own best interests.  And you’re much less likely to wind up looking like an idiot.  /End of rant.  Sheesh.

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