Another Day

Didn’t get to sleep til daylight was broad, but awoke at 10:15, and had slept enough, it seems.  Having some pain lower down in my lungs today, not bad, but I really need to see a doctor.  Finding a new doctor is NOT easy.  Hardly anyone local is taking new patients, and those that are have no available info that I can find.  I’d like to at least have some idea of who I’ll be trusting my health to.

It’s a gorgeous sunny day.  The flowers on the trees across the street are still looking lovely, no sign of leaves peeking through yet.  Some years the flowers last for quite some time, others for just a few days.  Never in my twelve years here have they bloomed in March.  This has been a very unusual year, weather-wise.  My friend Tess was over yesterday and we watch an old movie from the thirties.  It had a very snowy New York City in it, and we reminisced about the olden days.  You know, the ones where we had snow and all as well.  We are very hilarious.  Yes.  Yes we are.  To each other, at least.

So DD has convinced me to try a wheat-free diet.  Not sure of all the details yet, but she swears by it, and I’m willing to try almost anything to have some semblance of a normal life, although whenever I mention ‘normal’ in connection with myself, my friends tend to have fits of giggling.  Well, really!

Today is the local election, and I am just getting my absentee ballot mailed.  I think it still counts.  Voting matters.  It’s people not voting over the last couple of decades that has allowed the religious fanatics to co-opt our government.  Not going to go there, however, cause it makes me crazy just thinking about the state my country is in.


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