Starting Once Again

It’s 3am, and I’m up. Not STILL up, just GOT up. Actually woke up around 2, after going to bed at 3pm yesterday, after being up all night, after getting up at 2pm the day before, after not getting to sleep til around 6am that morning. Screwed up sleep schedule, anyone?

So I have decided to give it another go, and made up a new schedule that I don’t have any chance of being able to stick to. Feeling pretty good right now, so am filled with the ‘Yes, I can’ attitude that goes away once the fatigue and/or pain kicks in, which it always does.

Wanted to post while I AM feeling hopeful, anyway. It’s a new day, or will be in a few hours, so a new start. In my head, at least. Life is an adventure, people. My goal is to enjoy the ride as much as I possibly can.

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