A blog I recently came across. Reblogging this because I love his response to his landlord. I wish I could express myself half as well as he does here.

Bill Mullins' Weblog - Tech Thoughts

imageI have the right – just as you have – to express my opinion on whatever pleases my fancy. By no means, is this right secured only in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution but, in Canada (where I live), the  Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms recognizes my right to freedom of expression as a – fundamental freedom.

Not only is my right to express my views and opinions – freely and openly – clearly guaranteed – but, technology has empowered me with the means to disseminate those views and opinions, widely – should I choose to do so. And, I often do.

Readers here (for example), have come to rely on my frank assessment of not only software applications which I review – and, those assessments are not always complementary – but in recent days, my views on SOPA (non- supportive), Apple’s greed (

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