Blogging in November

I was invited to join a post-a-day from here:


There is a prompt for every day. Here is the first one:

Titles of my future book.

My future book? What would I call it?

1. Chronic Illness Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Enjoy Your Life.

2. Attitude: It Makes All The Difference When You Are Ill.

3. You Are Not Your Illness.

4. Why Yes, My Life IS A Soap Opera.

5. Self-Pity Does Not Change Anything.

How’s that? I had a good day today, in spite of not really being able to walk due to really painful pain in my knee. On the other hand, nothing else hurts for a change. It all moved to my knee. Luckily for me, today was my homemaker day, so she bought easy-eat no-prep foods, washed my baby carrots, brought everything to where I am ensconced on the couch with the laptop and remote, hung the laundry on the drying rack, and put out plenty of food for Gertrude. I love my homemaker. We also had a lovely chat with lots of laughing.

After she left, my friend Tess came over with COFFEE. Yes! We played a couple of games on the laptop with more laughing. Now I’m just watching local news with Gertrude, eating my carrots and a banana and organic cheese puffs. I am an ‘open box, eat contents’ person most of the time. I do eat fruit, avocados and mangoes among other things. Bananas are my favorite fruit.

Hey, that was a pretty good post for me. Especially since I’m tired, and didn’t think I’d be able to come up with anything to write. Yay, me.

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