Trees (Again)

See the tall tree behind the pole? Gone. Lost to the storm, apparently. I noticed a couple of days after the storm.

Using my own prompt today, which is just write whatever comes out. Can still barely walk, although I did manage to take a shower….very carefully. I thought if I killed myself in it, at least I’d be clean, right? I slept on the couch all day after being awake on the couch all night. The couch is my new home, I guess. I had crackers and carrots for dinner, since they were already here on the end table. Feeding treats to Gertrude, but am going to try to make it to the kitchen in a bit so I can put out some real food for her. This living alone thing gets a bit hairy when you are pretty immobile. Someone please feed me, make me some coffee, bring me some water and my pain pills. No? Well crap!

Did kind of lose it this morning. I could hear a chainsaw for quite a long time, and I just know they were cutting down some of the flowering pears on main street. I can’t see from here, though. They did put some bracing ties on two of the trees across the street, though, Did some trimming, too. But I was getting really upset about the trees, when I realized I was obsessing about trees because I am scared and upset about not being able to walk. I have really good repression skills, so it would seem. I mean, I’m just here. On my own. What happens to me if it gets worse, not better? Can’t let myself think about it, so trees it is. Works for me.

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