What Am I Doing?

I’ve posted this picture before, but it sort of goes with the season, yes? It’s the John Greenleaf Whittier house in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

Well, after sleeping most of the day (hey, I must have been tired, right?) I am running the dishwasher, eating a rebaked potato, balancing my checkbook with pen and paper since my calculator can’t seem to agree on any numbers, listening to AWOL Nation, my new favorite group, and reading my Twitter feed. It’s all good. Seriously. Feeling good. The usual pain, but no misery. Nice weather, too. I don’t tweet much, usually just when I sign a petition from Move On or The Daily Kos, or some such. If you think this blog is boring, can you imagine what my tweets would be like? “On the couch. Still on the couch. More couching.” Naah. Think I’ll just leave that alone. LOL Although, I’m not actually on the couch right now. I’m at the desk. Multi-tasking. I am good at multi-tasking. So I believe. Others may dispute that claim.

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