Scary Weather is Scary

It’s 96.7 degrees Fahrenheit, dew point 80, with a ‘feels like’ of 116. 116. I am not able to wrap my head around this. This is so far beyond normal it truly is scary. This is Massachusetts, people, not Arizona or Death Valley. In the southwest, the humidity is low, but here…humidity makes breathing hard, among other things. My friend Tess says it’s like breathing through a wet sponge. I have my central air set on 75, and it is quite comfy in here, but I am among the fortunate ones. Not every one has a/c. I can’t imagine living in this heat without it. I have a very small apartment, too, so not that hard to keep cool. In the most feeble effort ever, I have everything possible unplugged in hopes that the power grid doesn’t go down. I like to do my part, even if it’s only in my imagination. It looks beautiful outside. A strong breeze is blowing, the air does not look yukky, and yet, if I were to go outside…I’m sure I’d wish I hadn’t. There’s not even much traffic, which tells me most other people are not going outside, either. I cannot imagine having to work outside in this. Okay. End of ‘OMG, the weather has gone insane’ rant.

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